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Your Windows Have Never Looked So Good
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 This car's windows have just been treated to The Tint Doctor.    

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The Tint Doctor is a professional window tinting shop with over 30 years combined experience. Brian and Dave will always be the only two people to touch your car and are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality film and most professional installation in the Tri-state. Appointments are almost always available on the day you choose and because we are ready to start when you arrive, most jobs can be completed in an hour and a half or less. Combine this service with the most competitive pricing in the market and it is easy to see why calling the Tint Doctor today is the best prescription for complete satisfaction.

Your Complete Satisfaction is Guaranteed
We achieve this by providing you with the highest quality professional grade window film that is backed by a manufacturer's lifetime warranty against peeling, cracking, fading, delamination, or any optical failure. We also guarantee our installation to be free of any dirt specks, bubbles, irregular cuts or any other defects for as long as you own your car. All back windows are installed in one piece with no relief cuts or seams ever! Roll up windows are hand cut in order to provide you with no light gaps and the tightest edge at the top of the glass possible without peeling. These hand cut fits are customized to the individual car and therefore better suited to a perfect installation than any computer cut kits. We truly understand that our ongoing success is totally dependent on your referrals, therefore if warranty work ever becomes necessary it is performed with the same friendly and efficient service as your first appointment. So with such a healthy warranty and hassle free check ups why wait? Call the doctor today!

The Doctor is In
We have been at this location since May of 2004. We are just minutes from anywhere in Cincinnati. Just off Exit # 7 on I74, on State Route 128. 15 minutes from downtown. 15 minutes from Tri-County. 15 minutes from Lawrenceburg. And with our comfortable waiting room, it feels just like home. So why wait? Give us a call today!!

 This home's windows have been treated to The Tint Doctor

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9 a.m.–5 p.m.


Most Cars:                                  $149.00 - $169.00

Factory Match Driver/Passenger:   $60
Vans & SUVs:                             $179 and up
Boats, RVs, Commerical & Residential:     Call for quote.

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